4 Questions A Diamond Jeweler Will Always Ask You

Have you ever met someone with whom it felt like you could spend an eternity? Or perhaps in this case you already have found that someone special. Because you wouldn’t be here looking for answers to your questions. For now, all that matters is you have made up your mind and you are ready to propose the love of your life. However, you need a ring and your mind is clouded with a dozen questions.


For instance the size, the price, and the shape of the diamond ring. All these questions will hover your mind until you visit a jewelry store. To your dismay, these are the very questions a diamond jeweler will ask you. Interestingly, it is not a bad thing because the answer to these questions will lead you to narrow down your choices. In a way, a win-win situation for you and the diamond jeweler you choose to visit. So, let us take a look at the questions a diamond jeweler will ask you one by one.


Have you begun shopping for the engagement ring?

Are you familiar with the phrase “break the ice?” this question will emerge to you like an ice breaker. However, the diamond jeweler is asking this question to confirm your purchasing process. This will help them analyze how much knowledge you already have about the diamond you plan on buying. And the good news is if you have already started shopping, don’t be afraid to answer this question. You can answer everything you have experienced. This way a good jeweler will be able to explain what else can he add to meet your personal requirements. Not only this but also make the most of this purchase by educating yourself about the quality and setting of a diamond ring.


What is your budget?


Most people think that it is embarrassing to answer this particular question. People don’t want to talk about the money they are ready to spend. Unfortunately, this is the only question that can help you navigate a variety of diamonds. So, be upfront and tell them what your budget is. Now, when you are buying a diamond ring, the prices can range somewhere from $500 to $100,000 and the sky’s the limit.

Also, given the types of tempting choices available in the diamond store, things can get a little intimidating. You may be tempted to buy jewelry that is out of your budget. To save yourself from temptation, tell the jeweler that you need to stick to a budget and only need the best quality diamond ring under that very budget. A good jeweler will listen to your request and help you reach the desired destination.


What shape are you looking for?


This is another question that a jeweler will ask you so that they can narrow down the choices to present you with. As a matter of fact, you have to think about a shape your future partner will adore the moment you propose to her. You also need to keep their taste in mind. In fact, the best part is this question will immediately help you wonder which shape will she or he be most impressed by.

For instance, the round brilliant cut in diamonds is most famous. Then there are other fancy shapes that some girls prefer like the marque, oval, elongated, and the famous emerald cut styles. Currently, Rectangular cutting styles are trending and if your girl is all about trending styles, this ring might be the answer to all your questions. Unfortunately, if you have no idea about which shape your girl prefers, then look at the rings she already wears or buys often. If you are looking locally for jewelry Pittsburgh then you can also ask your jeweler about trending engagement ring styles for both men and women.


When do you plan to propose?

Another question that hovers the mind of a jeweler is the date of the proposal. Now, if you inform the jeweler beforehand they will be able to present you with the ring you want for the proposal. You see, engagement rings with a diamond melee, also known as semi-mounts, require setting on the diamond of your choosing. And the procedure of setting can take anywhere from 5 days to a week. On the other hand, a customized ring can take up to six weeks. So, make sure you plan your proposal and give ring customization’s weeks ahead of the proposal.


Now that you are aware of the top four questions a jeweler will ask you. Go ahead and buy a diamond ring of your liking. I am sure you will find the perfect ring to symbolize the spirit of your love.