5 Amazing Foods That Are High in Vitamin D

You must be familiar with the fact that the sun is the biggest source of vitamin D. But sometimes, only the sun is not enough to get the required amount of vitamin D. So, what other options do we have?


Vitamin D, a critical fat-soluble vitamin, is crucial for your body. The cellular processes, bone ossification, and neuromuscular functions of your body are supported by serum calcium. And vitamin D is needed to maintain this serum calcium. It also plays an important role in supporting your immune, bone, and muscle health.


Vitamin D is also required in maintaining the blood levels of calcium and phosphate in your body. But, what if a person has vitamin D deficiency? This can lead to various health problems like osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children.


You won’t find vitamin D naturally in a lot of food items, making it important for you to learn about what foods you can eat to consume this important vitamin. So, here are 6 amazing foods that are high in vitamin D.


1. Mushrooms

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE mushrooms! And they can be one of the most delicious sources of vitamin D for you. There are many different types of mushrooms that contain different levels of vitamin D. Some of the common mushrooms are shiitake, morel, chanterelle, and portobello.


Portobello can be a great pick for you as they are grown under UV light, making them a great source of vitamin D. Also, mushrooms can be a good pick if you are a vegetarian or vegan. You can experiment with mushrooms by cooking them with your favorite flavors or just adding them into salads, pasta dishes, and more. This gives you a chance to be creative with your food.


2. Cod Liver Oil

I had no idea that this fish oil can also be a good source of vitamin D for a long time. The only oil on this list, cod liver oil, can offer 1,360 IU (International Units) per tablespoon. Cod liver oil can also provide you a good amount of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids (which are anti-inflammatory).


You can even go for the capsule form to reap the benefits of this oil if you don’t want to slurp the spoonful of oil, as it can be pungent.


3. Eggs Yolk

Eggs are known to offer a lot of health benefits including a good amount of protein. They contain amino acids, and healthy fats and choline. One more reason that to consume the whole egg is that they are a good source of vitamin D.


The only yolk of the egg contains vitamin D. So, you would have to eat the whole egg for vitamin D. Also, pastured or free-range eggs can provide 4 to 6 times more vitamin D, so choose them.


4. Salmon

Fish oils are a great source of vitamin D. Also, fatty fish like Salmon can offer a good amount of vitamin D to you. Are you familiar with all the health benefits of salmon?


Salmon can provide omega-3 fatty acids, protein, astaxanthin (an antioxidant) and vitamin D as well. Also, you don’t have to get scared of it being “fatty fish”, as a 6-ounce piece of salmon will give you only about 200 calories. So, don’t worry about getting fat, you won’t get fat just because of salmon. You can buy canned wild salmon if you are looking to save some bucks. You can find a lot of delicious salmon recipes here.


5. Fortified Milk And Orange Juice

Milk and orange juice can be a good pick for you if you are looking for some amount of vitamin D. Although, the amount of vitamin D in them would be comparatively lesser than that of in fatty fish.


But, the best part about drinking milk is that it can provide you calcium as well as vitamin D (which is needed by the digestive tract to absorb calcium). So, you will get both the nutrients in one drink.


Final Words

As I said, you won’t find vitamin D in a lot of foods. But, these 5 amazing foods can surely give you enough vitamin D for your body. Also, you can experiment with these foods while cooking them. For example, add mushrooms to your salads, soups, etc. Take advantage of these delicious foods that are also a great source of vitamin D.