Embrace the Power Of Positivity with These Tips

Staying positive is actually easier than people think. Of course we know it isn’t easy to avoid negative thoughts but you know what, you don’t even have to ignore or avoid them. It is a very common misconception that staying positive means you need to completely avoid being negative. But on the contrary, the healthier and effective way of staying positive is acknowledging the negative thoughts and letting them out once and for all. However, it does not mean you will allow your negative thoughts to get the best of you.

There are certain things that you can practice to stay positive in general. But it doesn’t mean that practicing these activities will simply eliminate the negative thoughts. The idea behind practicing these things is to focus on the positive so that your majority conscious thoughts attract the positivity from the universe.

Practice Gratitude

Thanking the universe, or any higher power that you believe in, for what you are  or what you have will certainly make you positive. This basically allows you to focus on the positive things that have happened to you in the recent past. By practicing gratitude you not only get resilient but even get relieved from stress. It is a very simple practise, all you have to do is either speak or write a few things that you are grateful for. One can even thank their fellow colleagues or their partner, parents, and themselves.

Try to Find Good in Bad

Sure, there are situations where you cannot possibly find anything positive. But there must be something, in your life, that would still bring in positivity, focus on that. However, most of the situations have something good linked to it. Yes, even if you get dumped or fired, there is something positive that you can look for. Maybe the person wasn’t good for you, you should have moved out of the relationship or maybe there is a better opportunity or person waiting for you. There is something, even slightly positive, that can change the whole perception.

Avoid Focusing on the Negative

There can be a lot of negative thoughts coming up regarding something. Address them and let them go. Do not focus primarily on the negative. Thinking about just the negative or majoly the negative aspects of something will definitely stress you out or force you to overthink. This can eventually affect your mental health as well leading to anxiety issues and even insomnia. Try to do things that would keep you away from the negative thoughts or help you reduce stress. If you are into smoking, THC is a great compound that is known to reduce stress and promote sleep. You can find good quality Delta-8 THC carts here.


Meditation helps a lot in keeping oneself sane and avoiding negative thoughts. Meditating and simply deep breathing can reduce negative thoughts. They may not directly make you positive by promoting positive thoughts but it is believed that mindfulness and meditation can, with time, reduce negative thoughts and stress a lot which will ultimately make you more positive. There are a number of benefits of practicing meditation.

Try to Find Solutions

Instead of focusing on the problems you are facing and stressing about the repercussions of possible consequences try to find a solution. Write your problem down and think as a second person as to how you would have solved the issue. What would you have suggested to the other person had they asked you for help. It is not easy for us to decide what to do or how to react when we are in a problem but when we have to give advice or help someone out in the same situation, we end up giving some really great suggestions. Be the reliable second person for yourself.