How to be a smart shopper?

Shopping is fun. If you have the dollars, then that’s a definite yes. Well, it’s not always about the money. You need to spend smart to ensure your shopping bill doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. People have different shopping patterns. Some spend heavily on random stuff while others are picky about things they’re putting in their cart. We don’t realize that clever marketers often trick us into buying things that we don’t really need. Has it ever happened to you? You went to a store to buy a pair of socks but ended up buying half the store? Well, I exaggerated it a bit but that’s precisely what happens with us. Are you looking for ways to spend smarter? Well, keep reading.

Think before buying

Before you head to the shop, make a list of things that you actually need. Don’t just flash your credit card and stock your shopping cart with useless stuff. You ain’t Bill Gates. So, you definitely need to be judicious while spending your money. There is nothing bad about buying things that you actually need. So, it’s better to plan your purchase before you head to the shop. In fact, make a budget and spend accordingly. If you make this a habit, shopping won’t put you at the end of the road.

Don’t let the shopkeepers trick you

No matter what you do, the shopkeepers always have a trick up their sleeves that puts you on the spot. You’re basically thinking that I should actually buy this for myself even if you don’t need it. That happens with most of us. We’re not able to dictate the course of our shopping. Most shops have an ideal buying atmosphere. You step into a TV store, you’ll find gleaming 4-K displays with immersive content. Even if you have a TV at home, you’ll want to buy this one. For instance, jewelry stores use bright lights to attract customers and make ornaments more appealing to you. So, it’s the environment that influences us. As customers, we should pay attention to the quality they’re offering. If it’s something that you actually need, you should buy it. Otherwise, it’s better to head out of the store.

Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

I’m sure you can sense what I’m about to say. If you hop on to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you’ll probably buy everything that fits your glare. You’ll end up digging a hole in your pocket. You want that? I can hear a straight No! So, it’s better if you eat something before heading to the grocery store. Ideally, you should make a list of items that you need in the grocery and stick to it. Also, keep a bottle of water with you. If you feel hungry at the store, sip some water. It will keep you hydrated and prevent you from buying that bag of chips.

Be choosy about your shopping pals

When you’re heading to the store with a group of friends, chances are that you’ll spend more than you actually want. Everyone has a distinct shopping list that influences their buying decisions. Well, when you’re in a group, you might be driven towards buying something that you don’t really need. Also, each person has a different spending scale. What your friend might shell out for a pair of sunglasses might be too much for you. So, you need to take decisions wisely and think according to your budget.

Look for deals

The trend of online shopping is rising. The reason why people shop at online sites is because of the attractive deals they offer. Well, that’s definitely good. But you should beware of the clever tactics that most online stores use. ‘Free shipping on orders above $100’. Most of us are tricked to purchase more than we actually want. When shopping online, glimpse through different websites. For instance, if you want to buy a specific pair of shoes, look for it on multiple websites and compare them. If the price matches your budget, go for it. You should remember that online shopping is for your convenience. You shouldn’t let the websites decide what you want to buy. If you’re confused, a good way to proceed is by going through some reviews. These can help you in deciding which website is worth the shot.

Shop in the festive season

Festivals are a time for great discounts and deals. If you want to buy a jacket, you should wait for the Christmas weekend to arrive. Most store owners and online sites slash their prices in a bid to attract customers. So, it’s ideal for shoppers to buy stuff at discounted rates.


Being a smart shopper can help you save those valuable bucks. There is nothing bad about shopping. All you need is to shop smarter. I hope you’ll keep a note of these basics!