How to prevent malaria?

In recent years, malaria is a disease that is rampant in the world. It is a deadly disease. Its consequences have forced scientists to find some solutions to prevent and treat it. Its solutions are legion. In this article, you will see some tips to prevent malaria.

Avoid mosquito bites at night

There are several tips to prevent malaria. The best thing you can do is to do everything you can to avoid being bitten by a mosquito. Generally, mosquitoes come out at night. Therefore, as soon as it gets dark, it is important to protect yourself. There are several ways to protect yourself. For example, you can cover your whole body with long clothes. It is even advisable that the clothes you want to wear are impregnated with products that kill insects that are harmful to your health. These clothes must also be abundant in colors. This is the solution that is recommended by many organizations.
But it is also possible to make use of substances or devices that are made to keep the body away from insects and mosquitoes. These substances or devices must be applied to all parts that are not covered. These substances are mostly used in hot weather. It is also important to know that sleeping under an air conditioner or under a mosquito net is also very effective in preventing malaria. These are all ways to be protected from mosquitoes after dark.

Taking medication

You don’t have to sleep under an impregnated net or air conditioning to prevent malaria. It is also possible to take medication. Indeed, scientists have made available to the population certain medicines that can prevent malaria. If you want to travel, for example, it is advisable to take these medicines before leaving, during your stay, and for the days following your return. Most of these medicines are obtained by prescription from a doctor.