Lessons I Learned from Brooklyn Nine Nine: Characters Edition

If you’ve ever watched Brooklyn nine nine you’re probably already in love with the show, have binge watched it and carry it’s sweetness with you wherever you go. Maybe even feel especially connected to a certain character because of how they’ve been portrayed. And that’s the best part about the show. Every single character was so different and complex, yes, even Scurry had layers to his character.

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Detective Jake Peralta

The cocky and immature man-child turned father of one (spoiler if you haven’t watched all the seasons), Detective Jake Peralta went through some major character development. With his apparent family issues that came through so clearly, he was able to conjure a family at the precinct.

My take from his character: Being cocky and immature doesn’t identify who you are. They are characteristics that people may not appreciate about you, but it doesn’t make you any less likable. What matters is how you care for the people around you, protect and support them when needed.

And of course, I learned the importance of friendship from his dream-like bromance with Charles.


Carles Boyle

The only feeble (as one would say) and not so detective-like character, Charles was always portrayed to be the one who gives most, works hardest and cares the most.

My take from his character: It’s not what you’re gifted with but what you make on your own. Even when he wasn’t the strongest, he didn’t lack any courage. Never backed out of his work on the field, even if it led to him being shot.


Captain Terry Jeffords

The big rock of a man on the outside, and a softie for his little girls on the inside, Terry is what the world doesn’t expect men to be. He stood out the most to me because he seemed to break more stereotypes about masculinity than any other character, even Boyle.

Remember the episode where he was questioned like he was a thug, by a white police officer, in his own neighborhood? The characters portrayed the inherent racism that exists in the society so magnificently, and his reaction to it was just heartbreaking. Why? Because even though he was big and strong, he was sweet, kind, and sensitive to the judgements of others.

My take from his character: You can’t judge a person’s character from the way they look. The way someone looks should not be judged. No matter what people say or think about it, it shouldn’t change the way you express yourself.


Amy Santiago

From detective to sergeant and Chief of Department, Amy is the goody two shoes who wants to be liked and appreciated, especially by Holt. And dreams of being the youngest Captain too. And for someone so ambitious, she’s the perfect representation of what it can do for your anxiety.

My take from her character: Even when your ambition gets mocked, it shouldn’t affect how you pursue to do what you want. You’ll find hundreds who’d want to bring you down, who won’t appreciate how uptight you are about your dreams, but you must hold right and follow through.


Detective Rosa Diaz

The badass queen, this tough detective is by far my favorite character in the whole series. What makes her so special? How her hard rock exterior, expressionless face can’t hide how protective she is of everybody at the precinct.

Her back story of ‘ how she went from being a ballerina to beating other ballerinas’ sits perfectly with her presence.

My take from her character: Be Badass. Period.

Gina Linetti

She was the true embodiment of entertainment. Even as a character, I’m still unsure of what she did as part of her job at the precinct. I always found her mocking Amy or Sarge.

My take from her character: Be fun. Live. Do what you want to do, even if you aren’t the best at it. (we’ve all seen her dance)

Captain Ray Holt

The one and only, keeping the precinct together and keeping a check on everybody’s antics- Raymond Holt held the characters together. He was the one character who was respected by all in the precinct, even the audience has a high regard for him.

My take from his character: A good leader beats everything. The idea isn’t to boss people around but to stand with them. Help them achieve their goals, connect closely with them and support them however you can.

The show holds an important place in my heart, because of how diverse the characters were, and yet how well they complemented each other. Makes you believe in the power that the right company holds.