Pets Can Infuse an Element of Positivity in Your Quarantine

Spending time in quarantine is becoming a mounting challenge. With an impending financial crunch and increasing health risk, people are facing mental health issues. Well, having an emotional support dog can give you a much-needed escape. Pets can bring a sense of positivity in your quarantine and ease your mental stress. Let’s dive further into the topic.

Animals Provide You with Company

One of the major challenges in quarantine is finding the physical presence of loved ones. If you’re living away from family and friends, you might be feeling the effects of stress and anxiety. That’s understandable because humans are not programmed to remain locked in one place. It’s our natural instinct to socialize and connect. So, when people were forced into lockdown, they did not know to react. For some, it’s easy to keep a healthy mental balance in challenging times but everyone is different. People with a history of stress and depression are particularly more vulnerable. So, this sudden change in the way we behave might be overwhelming for them. Well, that’s where animals step in.


They bring an element of companionship and positivity in your life. If you have been living alone for a while, having a pet will bring a positive change in your life. You’ll finally have someone to bond with and share your feelings. Animals can’t speak but they can surely sense your vibe. This means they’ll be available to hear your stories and will pamper you with their attention. This goes a long way in improving your mental health because you’ll finally be able to unwind. As you spend more time with your pet, you’ll feel happier and relaxed. In fact, research shows that spending time with pets boosts the presence of feel-good hormones in the brain. As a result, you feel merrier and more cheerful. So, if you’ve been having a boring quarantine, introducing a pet can bring the much-needed change in your life.

They Keep You Productive

If you live alone, chances are that you might be spending a major chunk of your time on social media or Netflix. These are surely good platforms to distract your mind but if you are over-indulging in these, it will impact your health. That’s because you’re not doing something productive. You’re locked in one place, staying indoors all day, and leading a sedentary lifestyle. So, having a pet can boost your productivity by bringing some physical activity in your life. If you’re wondering, how that will happen, it’s pretty simple. Animals can’t stay in one place. They’ll stroll through your house, demand an occasional walk around the garden, or wink you for some food. So, it’s natural that you’ll comply and give them some company. This is a huge difference from the time you were living alone. Now, you have to work extra hard because you have a new member to take care of. So, you’ll be doing things you’ve never done in your life. Feeding, grooming, and playing fun games are just some basic things that keep your pet happy. And, when you’ll start doing these, you’ll feel more productive. That’s because your brain responds slower when you’re not engaging it in something new. With the introduction of a pet, your brain will respond better and you’ll have better mental clarity.

Get An Emotional Support Animal

If you’ve been having a hard time in quarantine, these facts about owning a pet would have surely tempted you to get one. Well, you’re heading in the right direction. With an ESA, you’ll give a positive direction to your mental health and live in peace. Well, to earn the right to own an ESA, you need to have a valid recommendation that serves as proof that your mental health requires the presence of an animal. For that, you need to contact a mental health specialist who can evaluate and provide you with an ESA recommendation. It’s important that you source a certified doctor with the necessary experience and expertise. Do some research and find specialists that are providing patients with genuine recommendations. Once you do that, make an appointment and earn the right to own an emotional support pet.

Bottom Line

Pets can be a great boost in your life. We are not sure when this pandemic will end but we can surely keep your selves in the best of physical and mental health. The challenge is evident but it’s a lot easier when you have someone with you. So, give animals a chance to add a new dimension to your life.