Plants You Can Grow In Containers


There is no such thing as a plant that is destined to survive. All plants and vegetables have their own pros and cons when it comes to growing them. Small apartments are the norm and hardly anyone has access to a garden. To the rescue, we have container gardening.


This mitigates the issues that usually come with growing vegetables.  Things like weather and critters, which pose a challenge for optimal growth are easily taken care of.


Today we will look at plants that are the best options for growing in containers. These will work only if you have a porch, patio or balcony with great sun exposure.




Growing this staple is easy and gratifying to grow in containers. Tomatoes come in various varieties and are best when you grow them in big containers. They need stalking as that is the only way the heavy fruit will not bend or break the vine.


If you get tomato seedlings, then ensure you pick a plant that is short, stocky plants that do not have any blossoms yet. Tomatoes are not fond of the cold, so if you feel even a little tempted to put them out early, don’t.  Acclimate the seedlings to the outside in a gradual manner before you plant them.



You can plant these in early spring and then once more when it gets chilly in the fall. They are perfect for succession planting. So you begin in the early spring and then when it is warm you pull them out and you have space to grow something else.


Peas are actually great for the soil as well, they add nitrogen to the soil giving the next batch of plants a boost in nutrients. They are fast and easy to grow, making them the best option to grow when children are involved in the equation.



Nothing can match the taste of freshly picked potatoes. They tend to taste better than anything you can pick from the grocery store. It does take a bit of an effort to plant and grow them in containers, you need a fair bit of soil and water but the end product is fantastic.

If you have never had the chance to enjoy a freshly picked potato then you are in for a treat. They are also kid-friendly and you can include children when you want them to grow.


Lettuce and Salad Greens

If you are on a health kick or something like that then these are the perfect easy thing to grace your container. Growing lettuce and other salad greens is pretty easy and foolproof. They also don’t require as much sun as some of the other plants.

Plus you can grow them from seeds. There are multiple green salad and mescalin mixes that grace containers. Some are so stunning that people use them as decorative pots.


Hot and Sweet Peppers

Both kinds hot as well as sweet are really pretty to look at, as they come in colors like orange and purple. If you really want to see them thrive then a grow box is your best bet. But any large container with plenty of sun, good drainage and consistent watering would work as well.

Hot peppers are available in all shapes, colors and sizes. The spice level can range from mild to a little too much to hardly edible on the Scoville Scale.



They are another great vegetable if you want to foray into container gardening. The best vegetables are the ones that come straight from the ground to your plate. This is why you must have seen a growth in concept restaurants that play on the farm to table concept.


Almost every existing variety of cucumber can grow in a container but the difference arises when it comes to taste and resistance to disease.


Plants in containers is not a revolutionary concept just a re-surging one. Productivity of a garden is no longer dependent on the amount of ground you own but rather how smart you are with what you have.


So, if you are someone who does not have the space or the inclination to maintain a big garden, these are the plants that you can and should grow in your containers.