Socialize During Quarantine With These Online Multiplayer Games

No gatherings, no birthday parties, no movie date nights and no casual hangouts with friends. This is the kind of social life we are looking at since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing does not allow us to step out of our home. As boring and frustrating as it may seem, it is an indispensable step taken to avert the crisis. But what if you could socialize while following every safety measure? Well, online games let you do that.


Online games have boomed since the lockdown. This is because more people are in front of the screens longing for social interaction and less boredom. Online games provide a platform for people to maintain their sanity and get together with friends and even strangers. You may even end up making new relationships while shooting at a tower crowded with enemies.


While you may already know of the big names like Fortnite and PUBG, here are some additions for your list of multiplayer games that will keep your social life intact during quarantine.


Spaceteam is a fun game to play with friends, family or strangers. You can download it for free on your phones and activate the voice and video chat feature to connect with different players.

The game does not require you to compete with each other rather needs your cooperative effort to live through the game. It involves the team to fly an aircraft through space. Each player has its own set of controls on the screen that are needed to fly the aircraft. However, the twist here is that you wouldn’t know how to use them. Some other player has the instructions and has to shout it to you to make it work. The exact case is with every other player.


Once you get a hang of it, Spaceteam becomes a hilarious and fairly addictive game to play with friends.


If you haven’t come across houseparty yet then you are missing out on having great fun. Quarantine has created a houseparty obsession among the youth and adults alike.

This free app lets you connect face to face with a group of friends. Even with those people you wouldn’t normally video chat with.  You can have a digital social gathering with as many as eight people in one single session. Use it as a group chat and discuss your favorite rock bands of all times or play one of the many games it has in store. Some of them are pop quiz, pictionary, heads up and trivia. The app also instantly notifies you whenever a friend is ‘in the house’ and wants to connect. So get your friends and family onboard to enjoy the houseparty fun.


Valorant has recently joined the league of FPS competitive games. Ever since March of 2020, Valorant has been the talk of the gaming world. Riot Games definitely outdid themselves again. However, you may have to make a lot of effort to get the game as it is only available as a closed beta. Luckily there are several ways to get the key to the closed beta version.


Once you are in, you get to play with other players as a team or as enemies. You can connect to them via voice chat or text. You have various agents to choose from as your avatar and get on missions. The aim is to increase your rankings, get rewards and unlock as many missions as possible. However, the algorithm of the game is fairly difficult to decode. Also, there are a bunch of trolls waiting for you at different levels to make it difficult to achieve targets. This is why most players also use Valorant boosting services to boost ranks, levels and unlock missions.

All this effort is worth it as the game is breaking records with every passing day. You may regret passing on it during your quarantine.

Friday 13th

You and your friends can be a part of the typical horror movie with the game Friday 13th. It involves a group of players who have to escape the murderous hands of a counselor named Jason Voorhees. You’ll get all the tools to survive and escape the horrific situation.

What makes this game interesting is the fact that one of you will be randomly chosen to take the role of the killer. Interesting right? This game basically tests your surviving as well as killing skills.

Pokemon Go

Your favorite game is back with a few tweaks to fit into the current situation of the pandemic. Since getting outdoors isn’t possible, you can still use the game to catch pokemons within your home. The designers have adjusted the game to an indoor setting and made changes like reducing the hatch distance by half and cheap bundles.

In fact, you can even get into the battle mode with players all around the world. They don’t have to be your Best or Ultra Friends to be able to battle with you.

Final Thoughts

Online games are the safest way to cut the quarantine blues and keep close to friends. Along with keeping your sanity intact, it ensures you stay indoors without missing the outside world. After all you need your health to enjoy the road trips to Las Vegas, dinner at Caesar’s Palace and all other plans you’ve made for post lockdown life. So stay home and have fun socializing with online multiplayer games.