Spirit Animals- A Guide to Nurture Your Life in The Right Direction

In certain cultures, it is believed that a person carries a cadre of spirit guides which include animals. Basically, a spirit animal is characterized as a teacher that comes in the form of an animal and it shares a relationship with the individual. Having a spirit animal is quite different from buying dogs for protection. Although both may serve the same purpose of protecting you, both work in different ways.


A lot of studies and old writings indicate that human beings have one spirit animal that will be our own protector or companion. And will help you get through the struggles of life. The concept originated from Animistic or Totemistic beliefs. The former beliefs are practiced by Native American Indians and Australian Aboriginals. They consider that human beings have a spiritual connection with another living being, be it a plant or an animal. It’s like a form of altar ego that helps you to decide in the right direction.


The latter is more of a worldly view that is used by a range of groups like Buddhists, Shinto, Pagan, or Neopagan. They believe that plants, animals, or even objects possess spirits. They think that there is a universal power that protects and guides us through different life experiences. They help us to get back on track and make us understand that we are not alone. And that they remind us to nurture and connect to other living beings. They believe that your spirit animals will trigger some meanings that you improve your understanding of the surroundings. So, let’s talk about some of the familiar spirit animals and the messages they try to deliver.


What Are The Common Spirit Animals?


There are many animals around us that we adore or simply are flustered when we encounter them. Their meanings might or could change your purpose in life. Although there are many spirit animals with symbolic significance, here we will be discussing a few and how they change the perception of your life.


The Bear

This animal is a symbol of strength or force. It is worshipped as one of the most powerful totems. Bear encourages people to acquire valor when they are required to stand against the adversities of life. The symbol signifies earth or nature that helps and supports people through physical or emotional distress — thereby helping them to heal organically.  For instance, “Bear” as a spirit animal signifies action, leadership, strength, and healer. In addition to that, it is a symbol of providing grounding forces that will keep you calm and away from any arrogance.


The Cat

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This animal symbolizes action. It usually shows up when one needs to make some decisions. Having a cat as a spirit animal induces patience, independence, adventure, and inquisitive nature. It will teach you to maintain a balance between independent nature and relationships. Precisely, that could be the reason for several mental health patients are actually turning to cats as an emotional support animal for alleviating their symptoms efficiently.


The Horse

If you are looking forward to having freedom in your life, then, the horse might be your spirit animal. This animal symbolizes passion and the longing for freedom. This one animal implies strong motivation that drives a person throughout their lives. It’s meaning changes as per the situation; for instance, they can be equally wild or constrained. So, if you are wandering around the horse, often it might indicate that you yearn for intense emotions that could become a driving force in your life.


The Dolphin

Personally, I wanted this one to be my spirit animal. They are adorable, intelligent, and act instinctively. But, as per the ideologies, they are a symbol of resurrection and protection. They are reminders of joy and humor in your life — people whose spirit animal is dolphin are often gentle and peaceful individuals who have immense strength.


The Wolf

The wolf is one of the most exciting animal spirits of the pack. It is characterized by instinct, intelligence, social connections, and a lot more. But, people who are linked to this animal have trust issues and fear. If a wolf comes in your way, think of these traits before running away from the animal itself. Of course, that’s the first thing anyone does. Remember, “Twilight” and the pack of wolves everyone was afraid of? Join the dots.


Ending Note


Animal spirits are an ancient theory linked to many religions. Some people worship them; some treat them as messengers. So, whether you have a physical or a subconscious encounter with any of the spirit animals, it might signify something. They might be asking you to stand up and do something. Or just be patient about the situation. Whatever it is, you need to have faith in this idea to understand the significance and importance of spirit animals. And even if you don’t believe in all of this, accepting animals as a part of your life is pretty natural. They are adorable and can be your best friends. Isn’t that something everyone looks for?