8 Best Marijuana Friendly Travel Destinations For You

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Do you also love marijuana? Well, then visit these places for an ultimate cannabis vacation. Whether you consume cannabis for medical reasons or recreational purposes, you will love these destinations. If you use cannabis for your medical purposes, you can ask medical marijuana doctors for the best cannabis products for you. So, let’s look at these wonderful places all around the world.


1. Portland, Oregon

Widely known as ‘Potland’, Portland is Oregon’s largest city. Well, you can imagine why this place is known as ‘Potland’. It has an oversupply of marijuana and this results in a lower price of products. The state legalized recreational marijuana in 2015. And soon enough, this hipster capital gained its fame for the beautiful cannabis culture it has and activism. You can find a number of travel agencies that offer tours of marijuana grow facilities. They also provide you the opportunity to see how your favorite herb is cultivated.


2. Toronto, Canada

Canada’s most popular city has created the buzz for its marijuana tourism since the legalization of recreational marijuana in late 2018. The best part about going to Toronto is that you can use marijuana outdoors. Yes, you read it right, Toronto has allowed outdoor public use of marijuana. So, you can enjoy your favorite herb in a more relaxed way than in some other places. You can also enjoy some of the most unique lounges. Just light up your joint and chill out while playing video games.


However, you won’t get to enjoy any edibles there, as Toronto has not legalized the edibles yet. But, you can still find some classes that teach how to cook your cannabis-infused meals.


3. Denver, Colorado

Do you know which American state fully legalized recreational marijuana? It was Colorado! The cannabis industry never slowed down after that. You will find a lot of pot-friendly hotels, marijuana tour companies, and amusing dispensaries. There are over 150 recreational dispensaries in Denver. So, choosing which one to visit first becomes an adventure in itself. Denver also has the ‘International Church of Cannabis’ where you can consume marijuana legally.


4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, you surely must be familiar with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. you can already find many things to enjoy in Las Vegas, but if you are looking to enjoy some cannabis, you will find that too in Las Vegas. Visit the Cannabition Cannabis Museum and witness the world’s largest bong. The world’s largest dispensary, Planet 13 is also located in Las Vegas. This dispensary has a drone operated lighted orb show.


5. Vancouver, Canada

The best place to enjoy recreational marijuana the Great White North in Vancouver. The city tolerates recreational marijuana more than any other place in Canada since the legalization of recreational cannabis in October 2018. The city has a laidback and pot-positive attitude that you will enjoy a lot. And the outdoor culture of the west coast seaport adds to the amusement for the travelers. All these points make Vancouver a perfect vacation destination for green lovers.


6. San Francisco, California

Traveling to San Francisco to enjoy your vacations has always been great and appealing. But, after California legalized recreational marijuana, San Francisco has become even more fun for pot-lovers than it was ever before. However, you can’t smoke marijuana in public, you can still visit lounges attached with legal dispensaries and enjoy your herb. The laws are very unique. The best part is the Canna-tourism that offers many opportunities to visit grow facilities and tour dispensaries.


7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh, I loved it the first time I visited Amsterdam. The place just attracts you, at least it attracted me the most. Especially the cannabis coffeeshops you find there. Amsterdam has a reputation for being the weed capital of Europe. Here’s a surprise, marijuana is not legal in Amsterdam, yet. Yes, it is not, but has been decriminalized. So they tolerate it. You can visit coffee shops and smoke some marijuana or if you want, you can also take some amount to your home and smoke it. You can take up to 5g or less to your place.


Amsterdam has been a lovely spot for cannabis lovers but recently the government of the Netherlands has been admonishing the marijuana tourism industry. They are not allowing the opening of new coffee shops and shutting down some of the existing ones.


8. Jamaica

Oh you knew this was coming, didn’t you! The most famous place for ganja-lovers. The marijuana plant is mostly known as the “ganja” and Jamaica has celebrated it for a long time. Just think of Bob Marley, who was connected to the Rasta religion, and the most famous singer from the country. It has been proven by the popular culture this Caribbean island is a safe place for using marijuana.


Here’s another surprise, marijuana is not legal there either. Just like Amsterdam, Jamaica has only decriminalized marijuana. They did it in 2015. Although, you can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. But if you are a Rastafarian, you get access to unlimited amounts for religious purposes.


Final Words

While you are planning your vacations, make sure you are familiar with all the laws of your destination. You really would not want to get into any legal trouble in a different country. So, pack your bags, and get on to the ‘smoking’ adventure.