Ultimate tips to travel on a budget

Has it ever happened that you planned an exciting trip and you had to cancel it at the last moment? Why? Money issues. Well, I can hear the pain and it’s something that happens with a lot of people—you’re not alone! Most people use this as an excuse to ditch the idea of traveling. Yeah, that’s a blunt excuse and that’s bad. Nobody shies away from traveling. It’s something that gives a new direction to your life. So, is the budget preventing you from making your plans into a reality? Well, don’t worry these tips will help you.

Find a job overseas

Are you unsatisfied with your current job? Then, working abroad is a great option for you. The opportunities are immense and you just need to make your mind for it. As long as you’re planning to work as a way to gain exposure to a new place, you shouldn’t be choosy about picking a job. There are multiple options available. These include bartender, tour guide, waiter/ waitress, hostel worker, and many others. If something catches your interest, you can definitely give it a try.

Teach English

This is probably one of the best ways to earn money. Countries in Asia have a high demand for English teachers. The language is gradually being accepted as a universal mode of communication. So, people are understanding the importance it holds. For instance, you make a plan to visit South Korea and end up earning thousands of dollars. Sounds great, right? You just need the ability to speak English fluently and probably a TEFL degree. Well, every country has a different requirement. So, you’ll have to check accordingly.

Use the discount cards

There are a variety of discounts available depending on your profile. If you’re a student or teacher, chances are that you can qualify to get a lot of discounts. You can get a student card or a youth card and earn the right to save big bucks. Keep an eye on these details when you’re planning to travel. It can help you save those hefty travel bills and let you travel within a budget.

Get the rail passes

You know that traveling through train is much cheaper than flights. If well if you’re traveling through Europe then rail passes can be a great option for you. Eurail becomes an ideal option to save money while traveling. Also, if you’re going on a solo trip, buying tickets in advance can help you save up to 50% on the train tickets. With a considerable amount of savings, you can basically have more flexibility in your schedule and you can try new things. Passes are a great way to keep traveling expenses within the budget.

Choose dorms over hotels

If you’re traveling abroad, living in a hotel can be pretty expensive. Well, even if you’re traveling locally, a hotel room can cost you a lot. Well, a better option is a dorm. After a tiring day, all you need is a place to sleep. Dorms are a cheaper option and can help you save a lot of money. The math is simple. The bigger the dorm, the cheaper it is. So, a 12-bed dorm will definitely be cheaper than a 6-bed dorm. Well, it depends on you that which one you want to slip in!

Travel during the off-season

This is actually a great way to save money. The tourism industry rakes in a lot of money during the peak season. They hike their prices and with plenty of tourists around, the earning is hefty. Well, a better way is to travel during the off-season. Most airlines and hotels slash their prices in a bid to attract tourists. So, you can make the most of it and save those bucks. Ideally, you can just do some research and check the peak season of the place you intend to visit. Instead of visiting during the rush, travel a month before. This can allow you to have more freedom while traveling and save money too.

Choose public transport

While traveling, public transport is the best way to commute through places. For instance, buses and trains are much cheaper than flights. So, instead of booking a plane ticket, use public transport. This can help you save a lot of money and give you a greater understanding of the place. That’s because public transport gives you the opportunity to interact with new people and expands your social circle. So, it’s a new kind of experience.


For traveling, you just need a thought. Don’t overthink! Just do it! I’m sure with these tips, you can make your trip budget-friendly. Traveling is something that should be a constant part of your life. Don’t let money dictate your traveling plans. Instead, use these tips to travel without any worries!